Advanced cell programming

An extensive cell programming capability

Engineered T cell immunotherapy products show significant efficacy for hematological malignancies

However, realization of the potential of this approach across a broad range of tumor types will require multiple technology solutions to address limitations of the current generation of therapies.

Our technological approach is the development of advanced T-cell engineering components designed to directly address clinical challenges. A focus on our early-stage pipeline incorporates multiple components in a single product.

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Blood Cancer Journal
March 11 2024

Dual T-cell constant β chain (TRBC)1 and TRBC2 staining for the identification of T-cell neoplasms by flow cytometry

Nature Communications
February 21 2024

Structure-guided engineering of immunotherapies targeting TRBC1 and TRBC2 in T cell malignancies

ACS Chemical Biology
January 20 2024

Designer Small-Molecule Control System Based on Minocycline-Induced Disruption of Protein–Protein Interaction